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Take your ensemble to the next level.

Learn vocal skills from an accomplished singer.

Learn performance skills from a seasoned performer.

Learn directing techniques from a master director.

Learn quartet skills from an international champion.

Learn administrative skills from a proven leader.

Sandi Wright


About Sandi Wright

Musical director of the St. Louis Vocal Project (HI)

Former musical director of the St. Louis Harmony Chorus (SAI)

Certified Director - Master Level (SAI)

Director - Area 4 Chorus Champions

Past International Quartet Champion (SAI)

Tetrachords (1978) and Ambiance (1986)

Eight-time Regional Quartet Champion (SAI)

Four-time International Quartet Medalist (SAI)

Three-time Area 4 Quartet Champion (HI)

Three-time International Quartet Medalist (HI)

Ms. Missouri Senior America 2018

Certified Visual Communication Judge (SAI)

Certified Performance Judge (HI)

Certified Performance Judge (BHS)

Certified International Faculty (SAI)

District Marketing and Public Relations VP (CSD/BHS)

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