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Take your ensemble to the next level.

Learn vocal skills from an accomplished singer.

Learn performance skills from a seasoned performer.

Learn directing techniques from a master director.

Learn quartet skills from an international champion.

Learn administrative skills from a proven leader.

Sandi Wright


About Sandi Wright

Musical director of the St. Louis Vocal Project (HI)

Former musical director of the St. Louis Harmony Chorus (SAI)

Certified Director - Master Level (SAI)

Past International Quartet Champion (SAI)

Tetrachords (1978) and Ambiance (1986)

Eight-time Regional Quartet Champion (SAI)

Four-time International Quartet Medalist (SAI)

Three-time Area 4 Quartet Champion (HI)

Three-time International Quartet Medalist (HI)

Ms. Missouri Senior America 2018

Certified Visual Communication Judge (SAI)

Certified Performance Judge (HI)

Certified Performance Judge (BHS)

Certified International Faculty (SAI)

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